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Name:Transcripts for the Deaf, HoH, and Others
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Transcribing video sources for the deaf, hard of hearing, and auditorially challenged.
Hi, welcome to [community profile] transcripts_central!

In this day and age, subtitles and CC are getting more and more common - but they're still not everywhere we need them. And sometimes when they do exist? They're incomplete, or have blatantly wrong words, or leave you minutes behind what's actually being said. (Or, like YouTube's auto-CC, are so hilariously fail that you may as well not use them.)

And that's when transcripts are things of beauty, and invaluable aids for actually understanding.

So! If you came here looking for something with a transcript, I hope you find it. (If you don't, you can try asking in [community profile] transcripts to have one made!) If you came here to post a transcript, yay and thank you!

1. Anything you post here must be a transcript, or have a transcript included. Yes, even if it has CC/subtitles/a person signing - sometimes a person can't read those as provided!
2. All transcripts should be under a cut, and on the comm itself; you may also link to it posted elsewhere, if you wish.
3. If you're embedding video, please also put that under a cut, as a courtesy to anyone who might not be on highspeed internet. (It really does slow down how the page loads, trust me!)
4. If you're not embedding video, please link to the source for it, if it's available online.
5. Strive for proper spelling and punctuation; if you need someone to double-check you on that, please do feel free to contact me!
6. Please warn outside of your cut(s) for potentially triggery material; similarly, clearly state if it's not work safe.
7. TV, movies, YouTube, other video sites-- All are legitimate sources. Please state your source clearly!
8. Be respectful of one another - which means no hateful or hurtful language, no threats, no nothing. (Caveat: if it's in the transcript as an actual part of what's been transcripted, it's acceptable.)
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